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We are committed to closing the digital divide one mind at a time!

This Program Benefits With:

EduMatics® EduComp 101 training program operates off of the theory that if you can build it, you can fix it. Therefore, the highlight of this program is each student will build his or her own computer. This both empowers & provides students’ with skill sets needed in order to effectively compete on global levels.

Computer Science has been one of the fastest growing industries for the last 10 years and has shown no signs of slowing down. In today’s economy, it is one of the few recession proof jobs left. Most successful companies rely on computers for their day to day operations such as websites, servers, transactions, and web conferencing to name a few. This program is an effort to arm our children with a concrete skill recognize by the workforce o give them the extra boost to their resume that they need when it comes to competing from employment.

Does your student(s) need a new home computer? Why not have them build their own? Your student(s) will learn a skill that will guarantee future employment. During this 8-week program your student(s) will achieve educational aptitudes that will change their lives forever! Sign Up Today!